koumianakis Jewellery


Emmanouil Koumianakis photo
Emmanouil Koumianakis Jewellery presents creations since 1985. Our  focus on limited edition handmade jewellery from high quality materials and demanding techniques, results in original creations crafted with love and care at our local workshop in Heraklion Crete. 

Emmanouil Koumianakis (1959-2016), a self-taught designer and goldsmith, developed his own unique visual vocabulary on  jewellery. His continuous study on jewellery history and tradition but also his love for architecture and art, quickly became significant in the designer's compositions. Playful organic forms of the natural world meet the calm geometries of modernism, in Koumianakis's designs. Between these two worlds, Koumianakis developed his own harmonious proportions, working incomparably with the anatomical details of the human body, giving plasticity and comfort to his jewellery.

Today, the tradition is continued by his family, enriching Emmanouil Koumianakis collection with new designs.

Our work is framed with your smiles and memories and this is the greatest reward of the creations of almost four decades.